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Our mission is to facilitate, within various communities, positive and effective alternatives to fines, criminal prosecution, and detention.

The San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project (SFPDP) was established in 1976 through the joint efforts of a group of socially conscious citizens, the San Francisco Bar Association and the Judges of the Municipal Courts. Their experiences demonstrated that most individuals charged with a misdemeanor offense did not benefit perceptibly by jail time. They were convinced that both the goals of crime prevention and rehabilitation would be better served by an alternative program of rehabilitation, education, and community service work. SFPDP was formed to provide first-time misdemeanor offenders of non-violent charges with the opportunity to have their case dismissed by completing a program.  Continuing our tradition and philosophy of “Dignity, Respect, Compassion and Accountability,” throughout the years SFPDP has added more programs designed to address the various needs of the Court, the Clients and the Community. Our programs include Court Accountable Case ManagementCourt Accountable Homeless ServicesCommunity Involvement Team Yes!Neighborhood CourtsOwn RecognizancePretrial DiversionProject 20 / Project 22, & Supervised Pretrial Release.

We also participate in a successful Neighborhood Clean Up project by the City team. For more information, please visit our  Community Events page.

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