Candlestick Park

Keeping it Clean & Green. July 14, 2012

46 Project 20 clients arrived at the Keeping Clean & Green event on 7/14/12 at 700 Jamestown Ave ( the parking lot of the 49ers!!). Despite the short-notice location change, the event was a huge success. Project 20’s clients were broken up in two 5 teams. Team 6,7,8,9 and Team 16 beautified the San Francisco area by planting trees, landscaping projects, removing weeds and regrowing vegetation, painting over graffiti and helping clean up litter.  The hard work of our clients reflected the dedication and commitment we have to the community at S. F. Pretrial Diversion Project.  Steve (“the voice”) Clark & videographer Albert Orozco obtained  video interviews with Supervisor Malia Cohen,San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Director of DPW Mohammed Nuru. After the event, our clients shared with us how much they enjoyed giving back to the community and collaborating with a diverse group of people to complete a task. Here at SFPTD, we’re proud of our collaborative effort at the Keep It Clean & Green event at Candlestick Park!

If you are interested in volunteering with Project 20 to pay off your tickets, please visit our Contact page.