César y. Chávez

Holiday Parade and 24th Street Festival

Sábado, Abril 21, 2012

Commemoration and Celebration of the Life and Work of Labor and Civil Rights Leader, Cesar Chavez.

The 12th Annual Cesar E. Chavez Holiday Parade & Festival in San Francisco has become a significant event in the Mission. The parade draws a diverse crowd of participants and attendees from different demographics and cultures, and ends with the 24th Street Fair. Every year, thousands of Bay Area residents, families, schools, religious groups, labor unions, and community organizations join in to celebrate Cesar’s legacy.

Honoring the legacy of Cesar Chavez allows our community to reflect on the values he applied in his work. His belief in service, sacrifice, self-determination, non-violence and community are expressed in parade contingents, festival booths, and speeches during the event. Every organization is afforded an excellent opportunity to display their community service, outreach, and education programs.

The Festival after the parade allows attendees to learn more about Cesar Chavez’s life, while enjoying a day in this historic Mission neighborhood!