Provides case management and supervision services to homeless defendants referred by the Court. We will consider defendants charged with both felonies and misdemeanors.


• debe ser una persona sin hogar con residencia a San Francisco.

• must be able to provide outreach info on where s/he can be found in the community.

• must express a willingness to work intensively with a case manager.

Una vez que un cliente ha sido puesto en CAHS, a SFPDP staff will accompany a client to all court dates and escort them to other appointments with community providers. If a client does not comply with check-in requirements, el administrador del caso o de los trabajadores CAHS conduce búsquedas, using the background and/or collateral contact information gathered while the client was in custody. CAHS is designed as an alternative to pretrial detention, therefore we cannot consider referrals who are out of custody.

Location: 115 10th St, San Francisco CA, 94103 | Lunes – Viernes | 8:30 – 5:00
Teléfono: (415) 626-4995 Fax: (818) 308-5756