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San Francisco Pretrial Diversion Project is supported by strong and talented Directors. Current Directors include:


Mamta Ahluwalia  is an attorney, who represents workers in wage theft and discrimination cases.  Mamta was previously a deputy public defender in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Los Angeles area, representing indigent clients charged with crimes. Mamta holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from Stanford University, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Washington.  In a long standing commitment to social justice, Mamta has previously worked with non-governmental organizations and social movements in India, South Africa, and Brazil. Mamta previously served two terms on the IDEX Board.


Isela Ford, MPA has over 15 years’ experience working with incarcerated populations in the San Francisco County jails. As a program coordinator for the San Francisco Department of Public Health she introduced various projects in the SF jails that ensured incarcerated populations received the community standard prevention services focusing on HIV, STD, hepatitis, as well as positive sexual health education.  Services provided include condom access in the jails, self-administered electronic data collection, female focused participatory action research and peer-advocacy and support for HIV+ inmates exiting the jails.   Her commitment and advocacy in ensuring standard of care for the most marginalized incarcerated populations is an example of her belief that by serving and empowering underserved communities positive health outcomes and system changes can be achieved.




Jessica Nowlan bio forthcoming






Nancy Rubin In her 40 plus year- career,  Nancy  Rubin has served in senior leadership positions in both the public and private sector.  Most recently as the CEO of the oldest children’s charity west of the Mississippi,  Ms. Rubin shepherded the agency through major policy changes in health care, mental health,

and children’s services as well as maintaining a high profile in  California, Washington D.C, and private philanthropy and fundraising.

Prior to her 15 years in the non profit sector, she served in three Public Health Care systems- San Francisco,  Los Angeles and Marin Counties.  Never one to shy away from difficult hot button issues, Ms. Rubin tackled major policy issues such as AIDS, Jail Health and Homelessness in San Francisco, the Uninsured in Los Angeles and Breast Cancer and Trauma Care in Marin County.   In her 25 years in these County systems, she was always in senior leadership and was known for a keen understanding for the on the ground issues while brokering tough political and policy positions and maintaining strong community and employee support.

Since retirement from her CEO position, she has served as Interim Executive Director in both public and private sectors, provided consultation and strategic planning services and served on several non-profit Boards.

Ms. Rubin developed a second career path as a dance, yoga and movement teacher while working as a CEO and Public Health official.  Nancy credits her “dual career” for her ability to stay present—and manage diverse teams–in high stress situations.  She brings the wisdom of nonverbal and movement traditions to our more practical life and work circumstances. She continues to teach and is currently working with groups who are transitioning into the next phases of their careers.

She was a Senior Policy Fellow at New York University/National Public Health and Hospital Institute. She earned her M.S.W. with an emphasis in public administration from San Francisco State University, and her B.A. in social welfare from UC Berkeley.

Ms. Rubin’s husband, James Loyce Jr. is also retired from a public health career. He currently serves as a San Francisco Health Commissioner, and sits on a number of non-profit and Foundation Boards. They have children living in California and London and two wonderful grandchildren.

Betsy Wolkin bio forthcoming


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