The O.R. Project provides the following services:

The O.R. Project assists the Superior Court in processing probable cause reviews. As a result of the US Supreme Court Decision, Maclaughlin v. Riverside, every person booked into the San Francisco Jail for an on-view charge (either misdemeanor or felony) MUST have his case reviewed by a judge within 48 hours of arrest. This review is to determine whether there exists probable cause for the incarceration. If the judge finds probable cause, then the defendant remains in custody. If the judge does not find probable cause, then the defendant is ordered released. Every day, including weekends and holidays, the OR Project attempts to gather the necessary police reports for the judge to review.

The O.R. Project interviews all eligible defendants housed in the County Jail System. These are  interviews that elicit information regarding a person’s ties to the community. The O.R. Project will then call the defendant’s references and verify the given information. The O.R. Project will also run the criminal history and obtain the police report. The entire O.R. document, called an O.R. workup, is presented to the duty judge for O.R. review. If the judge grants the pre-arraignment O.R., the O.R. Project will process the release. Pre-arraignment O.R. review means that a judge can review O.R. release applications from eligible defendants PRIOR to any charging decision by the District Attorney.

Not everyone who is interviewed by the O.R. Project is entitled to a pre-arraignment O.R. review. Please call the O.R. Project for more details regarding eligibility. If a person is released on O.R. Project, the O.R. staff will remind the defendant of his/her court date and any conditions that the judge has set.

Defendants whose O.R. applications were denied by the duty judge and defendants who are not eligible for pre-arraignment O.R. review may have their applications reviewed by the judge at their arraignment. At arraignment, the judge will review the O.R. workup and may choose to release the defendant on Court O.R. or refer their case to S.P.R (supervised pretrial release) for additional consideration.

The attorney of record or the judge may request that the O.R. Project submit an O.R. workup to the court. These requests require a TWO DAY notice.

Persons who have outstanding felony and certain misdemeanor warrants may contact the O.R. Project and apply for pre-approved O.R. This means that a judge will review the O.R. workup and determine whether or not an O.R. release will be granted (thus avoiding pretrial incarceration). These O.R. workups require additional processing. For more information on eligibility, please contact the O.R. Project.

Public Information Line: 415-552-2202
(every day from 8:30am – 4:00pm)

Client check-in number (24 hours a day message line): 415-552-1497

O.R. Project Office at County Jail 1: 415-568-9671
O.R. Project at 115 10th Street: 415-552-1495

O.R. Project Fax: 415-431-3658

**If there is no answer Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, you may call the Pretrial Diversion Administration Office at 415-626-4995 for assistance.

For more information visit:
San Francisco Superior Court web site:
California Association of Pretrial Services