Supervised Pretrial Release (SPR)

The SPR program was started in 1995 to alleviate jail overcrowding and to help non-violent offenders receive necessary social services.

How It Works:
Eligible clients are released directly from custody into SPR’s supervision, where they receive daily case management. Case Managers ensure that clients attend their court dates and help clients access services such as drug and alcohol counseling. Case Managers also communicate with the Court regarding the client’s progress. Clients remain under SPR’s supervision until they are sentenced, diverted, or their cases are dismissed or discharged.

SPR serves people who are in jail for felonies or misdemeanor, but have not yet been arraigned. All clients must first be referred by the Court. Clients are then interviewed by an SPR Case Manager to determine eligibility.

SPR does NOT accept clients charged with or who have convictions for violent crimes, weapons charges, sex crimes, arson, or individuals who pose a safety risk to themselves or others.


  • Case Management

Case Managers place clients in drug and alcohol programs and help clients access medical care, mental health care, work programs education, methadone programs, welfare and legal assistance.

  • Pretreament Group

Group helps prepare clients for more structured outpatient and residential drug programs. Group also provides support and stability for our clients on waiting lists for other programs.

  • Latino Group

Bilingual support group that addresses clients’ needs. Totalmente en español.

  • Women’s Group

A safe environment for addressing domestic violence, self esteem, life skills, parenting and relapse prevention.

Daily check-in
Clients are required to visit the office in person and by phone. Once a client demonstrates responsibility, their schedule may change.

Attend a counseling program
Most SPR clients participate in drug and alcohol counseling. Case Managers work individually with clients to find appropriate programs.

Attend all court dates

What if a client does not comply?
Clients who fail to appear on their court date will be issued a bench warrant and terminated from SPR. Clients who fail to check in or participate in their program may be admonished, sanctioned, or remanded into custody by the Judge.