¿Quiénes somos?

Through our 40+ years of criminal justice reform advocacy, we have countless first-hand accounts of the damages that needless pretrial detention can inflict. Individuals are displaced from their families and communities, which can negatively affect their professional stability and introduce the stigma and trauma that so often accompanies incarceration. En efecto, un 2014 study conducted by the The Center for Health and Justice discovered that low-riskdefendants who were detained for 2-3 days were 39% more likely to be arrested for recidivism in the pretrial period thanlow-riskpretrial defendants detained for less than 24 hours. Risk of arrest for reoffense in the pretrial period increased to 50% for individuals detained between 4-7 days, 56% for individuals detained between 8-14 days, y 57% for those detained between 15-30 days.

Conversely, we have time and time again seen the positive outcomes achieved through alternatives to pretrial detention. SFPDP brings an individualized approach to client supervision immediately after release, which means we expediently adapt services based on the circumstances and needs of respective clients. Whether an individual is struggling with behavioral health issues, housing, food security, or employment, our exceptional staff members

  • Provide in-person counseling
  • Establish a physical presence and outreach efforts in affected communities
  • Lead scheduled group instruction
  • Facilitate life-long connections with specialized service providers

Continuando con nuestra tradición y la filosofía de "Dignidad y Respeto, La compasión y la rendición de cuentas,” SFPDP has instituted an array of programs designed to address the complex needs of justice-involved clients, legal stakeholders, and local communities.

For more information on specific programs, visite nuestra pagina de Programas y Servicios.